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Bonus programm

  1. Subscriber
    All registered (private) customers and commercial customers are entitled to participate. Except customers and resellers participating in partner programs.
    Orders with guest account as well as orders by telephone, e-mail, fax or letter can not be considered for the bonus program.
  2. Earn points
    When you buy an item, you get Plus Points. For every full euro of the article price, you earn 5 Plus Points. The added bonus points are displayed for each item. Literature is excluded from the bonus program for legal reasons. Likewise, no bonus points can be credited to the purchase of vouchers.
  3. Plus Points credit
    The Plus Points collected with each order will be credited to your points account with the payment of the invoice and confirmed payment receipt. Returns are deducted according to the points account.
  4. Score
    The current status of your point account can be viewed in the customer account. The points account and balance is not transferable and can not be converted into cash and paid out.
  5. Use Plus Points
    Each participant can redeem the bonus points credited to the customer account during a next order in bonus items. The assortment of bonus items varies. The bonus items will be added to the basket, with the allowance of the noted bonus points per item.
  6. Others
    Our general terms and conditions apply to the acquisition of bonus items.
    Pati-Versand reserves the right to terminate the Pati-Versand Bonus Program at any time or to replace it with another program. Changes or additions to these terms and conditions will be published on the website.

The current bonus items can be found here.